How Physiotherapy Helps in Tennis Elbow Recovery

How Physiotherapy Helps in Tennis Elbow Recovery
Join Dr. Tay Eileen and the team from Get Moving Physiotherapy in this short video to discover how physiotherapy can help you recover from tennis elbow. Tennis elbow can be a real pain, but with the right approach, you can return to feeling your best.
Reza, a physiotherapist, explains how they start by understanding your history to figure out what caused your tennis elbow. Then, they tailor a plan just for you, including changing how you do certain activities or using different equipment.
The key to recovery? Exercises that target the muscles in your forearm. Starting with light weights and simple movements, you’ll gradually build up to doing more as the pain disappears. Plus, they have some tricks for managing pain, like sports taping and therapy techniques that reduce inflammation, such as ultrasound therapy and shockwave therapy.
By working together, orthopaedic consultants and physiotherapists can create a plan for you. So, if you’re struggling with tennis elbow, don’t worry – help is coming! With physiotherapy, you’ll be back to your normal activities in no time.
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