Health Screening

As a premier one-stop bone and joint clinic at Starmed Specialist Centre and Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard), TOPS is committed to delivering an optimum level of orthopaedic care that integrates medical advancements. We aim to empower patients to manage their musculoskeletal health effectively.
Our dedicated Health Screening services are designed to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your orthopaedic well-being. At TOPS, we work closely with our patients, from high-level professional athletes to individuals seeking a pain-free lifestyle, providing tailored assessments to meet diverse goals and expectations.

Shoulder Screening

Experience our Shoulder Screening, a meticulous assessment that includes a Specialist Consultation and an X-ray of your left or right shoulder. Our team of experts focuses on a detailed evaluation to address any concerns and provide personalised guidance for optimal shoulder health.
*$203.04 inclusive of 8% GST

Elbow Screening

Discover a comprehensive Elbow Screening at TOPS, encompassing Specialist Consultation Fees and an X-ray of your left or right elbow. We aim to detect and manage any elbow-related issues to enhance mobility and function.
*$181.44 inclusive of 8% GST

Knee Screening

Our Knee Screening offers a thorough evaluation of your knee health, incorporating Specialist Consultation Fees and an X-ray of your left or right knee. We strive to identify and address knee concerns, providing tailored recommendations for your well-being.
*$192.24 inclusive of 8% GST

Spinal Screening

The spinal health of our patients is a priority at TOPS. Our Spinal Screening includes Specialist Consultation Fees and an MRI scan of the lumbar or cervical spine. We conduct in-depth assessments to address any spinal issues and offer personalised care plans.
*$1002.24 inclusive of 8% GST

Osteoporosis Screening

At TOPS, our Osteoporosis Screening includes Specialist Consultation Fees, Bone Mineral Density (BMD), and Anteroposterior (AP) radiographs for the hip and spine. This screening aids in the early detection and management of osteoporosis, ensuring proactive measures for bone health.
*$246.24 inclusive of 8% GST
TOPS is dedicated to providing expert orthopaedic care and tailored assessments for our patients’ diverse needs. We encourage you to take a proactive step towards better orthopaedic health by scheduling a comprehensive Health Screening. Contact us to book your assessment and take control of your musculoskeletal wellness.
Experience expert orthopaedic care at The Orthopaedic Practice and Surgery (TOPS) Health Screening, where your musculoskeletal health is our priority.
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